ES Processing & IPCOS Strengthen Partnership

Paris (France), Leuven (Belgium) – May 23rd 2017 – Today ES Processing and IPCOS announced the extension of their cooperation agreement for the delivery of Advanced Process Control solutions covering the Global Cement and Mining industry.

ES Processing already delivered breakthrough Process Optimization Applications by combining its sophisticated methods and expertise in the cement process with IPCOS’ state-of-the-art APC INCA technology, resulting in a tremendous increase of production and a significant stabilization of Cement Quality. ES processing will be rolling out these APC solutions to cement companies in the next years.

“We are very happy that our INCA APC technology, that has proven itself in the (petro)-chemical, fertilizer and energy industry, is increasingly being applied in other industries”, says Christiaan Moons, Sales director of the Process Operations Excellence Business Unit of IPCOS. As process know-how is key in the success of every APC project, it is good to know that our INCA tools are in the safe hands of cement and mining experts from ES Processing, to ensure that cement plants will benefit from our technology.”

“Although extensive Process expertise and pre-processing methods are key success factors in Process Optimization, the right Tools should be used to ensure the long term reliability and efficiency of a Process Optimization solution. We are very happy to join forces with the right partner IPCOS and to take advantage of its breakthrough proven tools to provide our clients the best combinations and solutions in Advanced Process Control”, says Fayez BOUGHOSN, CEO of ES Processing.


About ES Processing

ES Processing is an Industrial Engineering Company headquartered in France (Paris area) and is active worldwide out of a number of regional partners (Beirut, Brussels/Leuven, Casablanca, Chennai, Lahore, Jeddah). ES Processing is a leading provider of Advanced Process Control Solutions and has an extensive expertise in Process Optimization for the Cement & Mining Industry (Cement Mills Optimization, Kiln Optimization…) and Energy & Utilities sector.

ES Processing’s Process Optimization Solutions, based on state-of-the-art technologies that involve Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and an exclusive combination of Soft Sensors & MPC models, have improved drastically its clients’ production & business efficiency and helped them performing better into a market of increasing competition.

ES Processing is also ‘Cement Specialist & Cemat Solution Partner’ for Siemens and has also partnered with several world-class firms in its business field.

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IPCOS is the leading provider of Digital Oil Field and Advanced Process Control Solutions. The company has its headquarters in Leuven (Belgium) and is active worldwide out of a number of regional offices (The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, US and India). Over the years, IPCOS has built a strong reputation in various industries such as oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, gas processing and chemical industries and has become one of the top services providers. Thanks to its upstream and downstream specialists, IPCOS is able to cover the whole value chain, delivering integrated solutions to its customers.

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