Risk-Free DCS Migration with Minimum Downtime

Migration and modernization projects for the cement industry are a core competency for ES Processing.


Drawing on our expertise gained over countless setup and commissioning projects worldwide, we’ve developed a unique methodology that incorporates pre-testing that accurately predicts and eliminates issues before implementation on site, and significantly reduces the downtime required for implementation to the absolute bare minimum.


DCS Migration and Modernization Advantages

Deep Industry


Safe and successful system migration requires a system integrator with deep knowledge of the production process. Given our extensive experience in the cement industry, we know exactly what to do with no false steps.

Wide Hardware &
Software Expertise


Product architecture differs across the spectrum of hardware and software providers. We’ve partnered with virtually all major software and hardware manufacturers, and are certified at the highest level as a Solutions Partner “Cement Industry Specialists” for Siemens AG (CEMAT/PCS7).


Regardless of the components you have in place or are moving to, we’re able to provide the broad and deep engineering experience required to architect an ideal solution, and integrate everything to work together safely and trouble-free.



Every migration and/or modernization project we perform is individualized to each client based on intensive site- and production-specific data, and their input on their unique objectives and needs.


More, we can adapt to any situation – such as creating custom code modules and/or cabling adaptation units between an old and a new system – to minimize setup time and cost for our clients.



Most system integrators perform horizontal integration as it’s the least technically demanding approach. We employ vertical integration as it provides the most benefits to our clients.


Because it can be partitioned to many migration phases depending on plant subsystems numbers; vertical migration offers far greater financial flexibility, with the least downtime and cost.

Simulation &
Pre-FAT Testing


After the engineering phase, we proactively confirm performance by performing a simulation of the entire project inside a dedicated Pre-FAT (Pre-Factory Tests) platform at our headquarters.


By checking all I/Os, we’re able to identify and eliminate potential errors before going live. And by planning for all possible scenarios, we’re able to all but eliminate the risks normally associated with migration.

Example Cement Plant Migrations


Holcim Lebanon


Total setup & commissioning of crusher, raw mill, kiln feed, kiln, cooler, coal mill, utility, stacker, reclaimer, cooler crusher and all associated engineering stations & operator stations




  • 10 PLC S7416
  • 650 Motors
  • 220 Valves
  • 106 Dampers
  • 105 PID
  • 10000 I/O


Total Time: under 36 hours without any mistakes or failures


Votorantim Cimentos


Replacement of all PLCs, all servers, OPC server, operation station & engineering station – and total setup & commissioning of raw mills 1/2, kiln feed, kiln, cooler, coal mill, additives, utility, cement mills 1/2/3




  • 11 PLC S7416
  • 710 Motors
  • 207 Valves
  • 120 Dampers
  • 100 PID
  • 10000 I/O


Total Time: under 24 hours without any failures or problems

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