ES Processing specializes in serving industrial automation & APC needs

Technologies we support:


  • APC, Machine Learning & MPC
  • Process Optimization
  • DCS Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • SCADA & Automated Systems
  • Electrical Distribution & Instrumentation

Solutions we provide:


  • System Design
  • Engineering & Project Management
  • Installation – Implementation & Commissioning
  • Maintenance Services
  • Energy Optimization Solutions
  • Total System Integration
  • Plant Intelligence Support
  • Plant Migration/Modernization
  • Cement Mill Optimizer

Objectives we help you accomplish:


  • Increased Output/Throughput
  • Higher Product Quality
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Replacement of Manual Processes with Automation
  • Decrease Staffing Needs
  • Reduced Operating Expenses
  • Lower Environmental Impact

Wide-Ranging Capabilities to Meet Your Control Needs


Expert Consulting & Auditing


We can provide you with a thorough study of existing process control, energy management, and provide recommendations for process optimization or DCS migration. We also provide audits and reporting to assure system compliance with prescribed standards.


Tech Agnostic Systems Integration


Tap our engineering experience, gained from hundreds of major DCS & APC projects, for the full range of engineering services centered around process control – from process optimization & APC to enterprise resource planning down to operation/management level and plant/field level.


Full Knowledge Transfer


We offer full maintenance support to keep your systems up and running. But unlike most, we’re also willing to provide training and technology transfer if you have the staff and desire to be self-reliant so you can manage it all yourself.


Boost Plant Intelligence


Our solution for Plant Intelligence enhances decisioning and plant performance by improving communication between your operation level (e.g. SCADA) and your top management level Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS). It can also serve as a backbone system for the plant, vertically linking the field and operation level directly with the top Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for easier transparency and visibility of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Energy-Efficient Solutions


We design and deliver efficient energy generation & distribution networks to help you manage and reduce energy consumption. Plus, by integrating electrical arrays with electrical hardware, we can build in intelligence capabilities such as automatic load leveling, automatic reactive power compensation, and power grid monitoring and analysis in order to maximize electrical usage efficiency.


No-Risk Migration & Modernization


Looking to upgrade plant performance through plant migration/modernization? It’s one of our core competencies. We offer a proven and structured methodology, tailored to your individual needs, that minimizes the cost, downtime and risks of revamping old process control, electrical distribution, drive technology, and other components required for plant modernization.

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