APC Logistics Solutions for Transportation

Increasing populations are placing increasing strain on transportation systems. In order to meet consumers demand – and avoid catastrophe – transportation operations need to operate with speedy efficiency and utmost safety. But given the complexity of these systems, it’s a challenge.

At ES Processing, our mobility engineers are extensively focused on innovating solutions to help transportation companies meet this challenge, by delivering cutting-edge, real-time intelligent automation solutions in network optimization, train control, operations & monitoring, and baggage handling.

Optimizing Urban and Suburban Railway Transport



We provide operation control systems, customized to client needs, to manage and monitor entire railway systems. Embedded interfaces offer the capability to provide status alerts and problem diagnosis instantly in real time.



A critical component for both railway efficiency and safety, our signaling systems automation and control solutions provide operators real-time availability status on each track of the railway.



Our customized solutions for electronic interlocking prevent conflicting movements by making it impossible to display a signal to proceed unless the route to be used is proven safe.



Allowing operators to ascertain whether a track is cleared or occupied, our track vacancy detection solutions provide operators with real-time monitoring and instantaneous status updates to assure safety and reliability.

Baggage Management Solutions for Efficient Airports


Our baggage handling software optimizes luggage total transport time from the check-in counter to any sorting destination.


Powered by our most advanced real-time programming methods using microprocessor & machine code where every instruction execution time is taken into consideration in order not to exceed 20ms of total PLC cycle time, our BMS PLC software is one of the most efficient available anywhere. It’s being used in a number of the world’s biggest airports to ensure reliable baggage tracking in real time as well as sorting control, optimization and monitoring, baggage allocation management, early baggage store control and plant visualization.


Whether it is a system based on tilt-tray sorters or tray sorters, we make sure to provide the right solution to meet the sorting & throughput requirements. From simple throughput to complex and automated systems, our job consists of programming and optimizing any sorting and conveying technology.

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