ES Processing is a leading provider of Advanced Process Control & Process Optimization solutions for heavy industries, and particularly for the Cement Industry. Our breakthrough AI/APC technologies, customized to our client’s process needs, significantly improve product quality, increase efficiency and output, and decrease costs.

Drawing on our deep experience in Advanced Process Control, we offer cement manufacturers, utilities, and heavy industries a wide range of solutions to achieve their production goals and maximize return on investment. Further, we enable our clients to harness the power of our cutting-edge technologies – using the most advanced Algorithms, Soft Sensors, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Model Predictive Control, and more – to gain a major competitive advantage.

Specialists in Maximizing Cement Process Performance

Offering exceptionally strong focus on the cement industry, we’re recognized as the global industrial Advanced Process Control leader in this vertical. Our deep experience and understanding of the cement industry and its processes have enabled us to successfully innovate production and increase cement mill efficiency for every cement mill we’ve served.


Our proprietary CMO “Cement Mill Optimizer” solution stands at the cutting edge of Advanced process control for this industry.


*Average increase in productivity following an ES Processing solution deployment across several cement mills.

APC & Discrete Automation Solutions for Other Industries

ES Processing also delivers advanced engineering and proprietary technology solutions to increase productivity and efficiency in other industries with complex systems that require advanced process control and real time automation where PLC cycle time mustn’t exceed 20ms.


These include:


ES Processing is one of the most trusted and reliable partners for Siemens and an exclusive partner of IPCOS for the Cement Industry. We work closely together with them on improving our solutions and developing innovative tailored products and breakthrough technologies.