Sibline Cement Mill Optimization

We, Ciment de Sibline sal, would like to express our sincere appreciation to ES-Processing for their professionalism and the Successful Implementation & Completion of the Cement Mill Process Optimization Project (CMO) on our largest horizontal Cement Mill.

We would like to highlight the critical and challenging Engineering works performed by ES Processing, which involved multiple combinations of breakthrough Machine Learning and Modeling technologies that resulted in maximizing the Cement Mill Process Performance.

CMO delivered Performances:

  • Increasing the Production of more than 10% from
  • Improving the Quality of Cement by reducing drastically the STDV of the Blaine and residue
  • Reducing the Specific Power Consumption of Cement Grinding (Kwh/tcem) of more than 10% and
  • Running the mill in full automatic mode (CMO full control) continuously

We appreciate your dedication, innovation, achievement and hard work.

We look forward to coordinate again with ES-Processing for future Advanced Process Control Projects for Vertical Mill and Kiln Optimization.

Yours sincerely,

Talaat El Lahham
Chief Executive Officer
Ciment de Sibline S.A.L.